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We are a competent team with years of experience in the branches aviation, automotive, rail and products

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  • Primary Structure 

  • Secondary Structure

  • Seating and Seat Component Design 

  • Complete Aircraft Interior Layouts

  • VIP Interior design

  • Retrofit and Aircraft Modifications

  • System Integration and System Supports

  • Satellite Design

Inhouse Production

  • Prototyping

  • Small-batch production

  • Fixture construction

  • Testing-Equipment


  • Complete Vehicle Concepts with Homologation evaluation

  • Carbon Fibre Components and Tooling Design

  • Body-in-White

  • Hyper-car Design

  • CFD

  • Chassis Design

  • Interiors

  • Crash Analysis, Test Planning and Support

Production services

  • Lean Management (via partners)

  • Plant layout (via partners)

  • Production support

  • Prozess design

  • Jig and fixture design

  • Technical Consultancy (including supply of staff under German AÜG)

  • Management consultancy

  • Carbon Fibre Manufacturing Methods

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Design to Cost

  • Cost Reduction Projects

  • Evaluation and Simulation

  • Business Case Studies

  • Project Management

  • Quality Management

  • Technical Problem Solving

  • Rapid Prototyping

Specialist Topics

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